London calling

So this time no morning drama…

Until we got of the customs. Security guards demanded that we deleted all the footage from the airport. This is the only thing left:











Hostels nice.











2nd out of 6 stairs

We went out for a little streetchat with the London-locals, met some nice people and saw some culture treasures.

But the highlight of the day was meeting Martin Blinder at Tric Trac. They just launched an awesome BETA-version of their site ( To explain it in one sentence; You get an overview of your life (habits, feelings etc.) through the information you log. We have during this past week found out more and more the term “lifelogging” but then Quantified Self popped up as a new piece to the puzzle. According to Martin, these two concepts are the same.

We’ve been advised to go visit two Professors in Southampton, who’s supposed to be experts on the subject.

Bye for now and log your sleep (I wont but I know some do)



P.s. Ville says God Night