London sum-up

London sum-up

London has been busy but rewarding.

Tuesday: Martin Blinder at TicTrac both gave us a tour on the website they’re launching and told us that lifelogging most definitely exist. In fact, one of the first known lifeloggers are Benjamin Franklin – we’re stunned!

Wednesday: We went to Southampton as advised and sat down with Dr. Geoff Merrett and Prof. Paul Lewis. They showed us their work with DejaView; a cam to help people with memory loss (and others who just forgets easily) to remember faces, places etc. Also got a great tip on Ash Smith, apparently a genuine lifelogger who we hope to Skype with soon.

The DejaView camera is based on the SenceCam. So Thursday we went to Cambridge to meet one of the SenceCam developers, Lyndsay Williams, but unfortunately out Internet connection has been terrible so when we got there we found that the meeting was canceled. Hope to see you some other time Lyndsay!

Friday: course was set on Oxford and Aiden Doherty, Marie Curie Research Fellow at Oxford University. We had a great talk about the human memory and behavior. Got lots of valuable info here.

Yesterday we went to explore London. At Piccadilly Circus we asked some Londoners about lifelogging, but not even the police had any answers for us. Could there be such thing as an unaware lifelogger?

Today we leave for Boston and Runkeeper.

Thanks London, it has been 5 valuable and perlite days!


P.s Ville agrees