From Berlin with love

My pet's narrative 17

Despite the rain, Berlin delivers.

After custom problems at the Berlin airport we arrived to the office of Archify and had a great talk about online habits, lifelogging and a (to us) new concept called “Quantified self”. Actually Hind mentioned that as well, maybe it’s something we should check out?

We’re staying at a Hostel called Check-!n Hostel here in Berlin. Really nice people here, both in the lobby and the other guest staying here (yes we share rooms with strangers and loving it). Just got a free sandwich each from the staff, think they like Ville.

Right now I’m sitting in the same room as 5 scrabble playing Englishmen who I also use as living dictionaries, perfection!

Oh, and by the way – according to the Lebanon custom service I am Lebanese. The customs officer assured me that my last name “Alam” is an old Lebanese family name and after a couple attempts to explain “Alm” is Swedish and also a type of tree, I just didn’t have the heart to refuse him this. So if the Lebanese customs ask; My name is Alam.


P.s Ville says Hi