Special Clip Captures by the Narrative Community #3

Collage of Narrative Clip Photos

What an Amazing Community!

Here at Narrative, we are constantly blown away by the amazing Special Clip Captures our community sends our way. This time, we have some extraordinary Clip Captures that include both a wedding and a practice session of weightlessness in zero gravity(!).

Thanks to all of you who shared your photos taken by your Narrative Clip this time around. Please keep them coming by uploading your best Clip Captures here.

Here are the 3 amazing Clip Captures we want to share with you this time:

zero gravity with narrative clip

“This photo was taken on Sept 19, 2015 on a Zero Gravity flight, departing from Oakland, CA.  The Boeing 727 does parabolic maneuvers to create a weightless environment.  For 20-30 seconds at a time, we’d float in the air as if we were in space.”

– Kenny Hom



Memorial grounds with narrative clip

“Narrative captured a moment that would have been inappropriate for a normal camera. These are wreaths of paper cranes at a memorial in Hiroshima, Japan to honour those lost to the atomic bomb.”

– Samantha Reid

wedding photo with narrative clip

“Best man Clipped. The ability to catch those special candid moments and still be polite to the wedding photographer, priceless invention!”

– James Teeple

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