Launch: The All-New Narrative Enterprise & Academia Portal


Maybe you’ve seen or read about the Narrative Clip, the world’s most wearable camera, and started thinking about a work project or research study you could use it for? Or maybe you’re a hacker/tinkerer/DIY enthusiast who just wants to play around with tweaking the hardware (and software)? With the launch of this new section of our website, you can now easily follow how Narrative’s innovative wearable camera and photo/data management technology is used in research and professional projects. Just bookmark the shortlink and read case reports, testimonials and external articles for real-life examples to be inspired by. And when you have an idea for a project of your own, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Some applications from current clients of ours that you can expect among our case reports are:

  • Market research / product development – gaining keen insight in consumer behavior from unobtrusive research
  • Storytelling for media or brands – journalists and creative agencies telling rich stories featuring a first-person perspective directly from the action
  • Healthcare research / practices – illuminate the context around patients and ailments
  • Computer vision / Quantified Self – run object recognition algorithms, extract implicit metadata, aggregate with other data sources such as wearable activity trackers to put metrics on every aspect of life
  • Hospitality / Event hosting – Whether you run a hotel or plan weddings, Narrative Clip 2 can be a popular rental item for your guests to capture and share the details of the experience you’re providing. Great for social media content!
  • Training / Education – from museum guides to LEAN process consultants to school teachers, media collected with Narrative’s unique technology can facilitate learning and teaching outside the classroom
  • Security – body cameras is gaining wide adoption in law enforcement, but they can also work for “sousveillance” and represent the citizen’s point of view
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Narrative started out in 2012 with a vision to enable anyone to “remember every moment” by creating a supremely accessible yet powerful system for lifelogging using a tiny wearable camera along with cloud-based data processing and beautiful app interfaces. Since then, the company has realigned its vision and direction to the growing demand for ubiquitous connectivity, real-time sharing and engaging social functions, and the release of Narrative Clip 2 embraces all this in one sleek package for the mainstream consumer. The core Narrative experience is a fantastic product for the casual consumer who wants an easy way to capture, share and relive their best moments from daily life, travel and social activities.

At the same time, we’re often approached by individual enthusiasts, academic researchers and business professionals that express a need to “go deep” and customize the core Narrative experience to the needs of a specialized project or use case. Some example requests can be:

– “We’d like to extract photo and other sensor data from one or several Narrative accounts in JSON or CSV so we can run them through our analytics tools”
– “We’d like to design and 3D print a custom mount so we can put the Clip 2 in a car/on a cow”
– “We’d like to embed photos and videos from Narrative in our own app”
– “We’d like to access the GPS data so we can visualize activities on a map”
– “We’d like to build creative mashups using Narrative and many other services that integrate in one system/interface”
– “We’d like to program a very specific pattern for photo/video capture and transfer, that can be triggered via bluetooth by a smartphone or an iBeacon”

By offering these customers the Narrative Open Platform (API’s, SDK’s, hardware accessory templates etc) as well as the combined learnings from pioneering clients that have already expended great efforts to create workarounds and workflows to suit their purposes, we see a great opportunity to create value.

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We’re looking forward to building this new portal into a useful resource for you, and we welcome your input! Why not check out our forum and make your voice heard?


If you need info on how to get started with your project, or if you’d like to request a quote to purchase multiple Narrative Clip 2 units, please get in touch using the form in the right-column or just tweet at NarrativeBizDev!