Narrative Community YouTube Time-Lapses

Narrative Clip in Interesting Places in the home

Recently we decided to go on a scavenger hunt around YouTube to discover what kind of interesting things the Narrative Community has been up to lately. What we found was a bunch of very inspiring and fun time-lapses made from Narrative Clip photos. The moments were captured during many different activities, ranging all the way from everyday life logging projects to special trips and cool home projects. Below you can check out some of the time lapses we found!

1. Travel Time-Lapses

Whether you make time-lapse of your whole vacation, or get a capture from a moment in-flight overlooking the clouds, a travel time-lapse is a pretty cool keepsake to have with you when you are back home again.

2. Every Day Life

Have you ever thought of how much you do in one day? Where does time go? Narrative Clip aim to capture the moments that matter in life. In the future, looking back at a time-lapse of your day today, you may find treasured moments that your were too busy to appreciate during the time they happened.

3. Record Your Workday

A workday can look very different to different people. But no matter if you work as a reporter in a newsroom or as a potato farmer out on the fields, it is interesting to show both friends and strangers what your days actually look like!

4. Bring your Clip out Sporting

Whether you station your Narrative Clip on the sidelines, or clip it on your workout clothes, YouTube time-lapses from doing sport activities are always fun to have. The feeling you get when you look back at the hard work you did is almost as rewarding as the workout itself!  And while you were skiing, trying to break that time record, you may have been too busy to admire the beautiful view around you.

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5. Corky, Cool and Cozy Home Projects

Maybe you plan to pick out an all-time best Christmas tree winner in 10 years from now, or maybe you want to make a time-lapse for remembering that delicious kombucha recipe you just tried out. No matter what, clipping your Narrative Clip to objects in your home to record your projects is always a good idea.


We love how creative the users from our Narrative community are with their Clips. Keep up the fun work, and know that we are both inspired and impressed with your projects here at Narrative! If you create a time-lapse yourself, make sure to tag it with #NarrativeClip on your Social Media for us, and everyone else, to view and get inspired. And don’t miss out on the chance of using Narrative Karma for a great discount towards your pre-order on Clip 2. Narrative Clip 2 comes with an 8-megapixel camera and full HD video, shipping starts on November 16th!