Introducing: Tagging in the Narrative App. Easily Share Moments with Friends & Family

Introducing: Tagging in the Narrative App. Easily Share Moments with Friends & Family

Think about those fun, honest, authentic photos you’ve captured with your Clip – the ones that catch your friends and family at exactly the right time, mid-laugh, smiling, having a good time. We’re excited to share that you can now let others in on those special memories with tagging in the Narrative App!

Narrative has enabled people from all over they world to effortlessly capture their lives in photos. When we started, Narrative was a private photo journal of sorts for many people and up until very recently that has been the case. We know from listening to our users that the Narrative Clip has affected lives in some profound ways, allowing you to stay in the moment when traveling or spending time with families and friends, while still being able to capture memories so you can remember them for a lifetime.

This year, we opened the Narrative Service up to the public, allowing users to share these moments with each other through Public Moments – they were just too good to keep to yourself! This has changed the fundamental view of what Narrative is, from a private photo journal to a social photo tool that allows you the choice to share your Narrative Clip photos within the Narrative App. Even without a Clip, you can now register for a free Narrative Account to browse, like and comment on the moments that people are sharing.

We know our users have very exciting and unique experiences to share – from hiking on the California coast and Skiing in Sweden, to visiting the Grand Canyon and traveling in Chiangmai – to just name a few. The beauty behind Narrative’s community is that it’s built around exploring an experience rather than a single or collage of photos. Narrative users are able to share entire sequences of photos captured with the Clip that can be played like a “flipbook,” allowing others to truly understand the experience. The photos are authentic, honest, candid and truly from your viewpoint.

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This is an exciting step for Narrative, and we’re so excited to share it with you!

Start Tagging Friends and Family

Send an invite to friends and try out tagging in the Narrative App today. Make sure your friends and family sign up for their free Narrative Account and then start tagging them. The Narrative Moment that the tagged photo is included in will be added to your friend’s private timeline, so you both can enjoy reliving that memory together. Turn on your Narrative notifications and you’ll be alerted when you’ve been tagged!