The Narrative Clip is the perfect fit for family life

The Narrative Clip is the perfect fit for family life 4

An often cited benefit of the Narrative Clip is it’s ability to capture the photos you wouldn’t have otherwise have taken – natural interactions, the everyday life that a lot of us don’t even notice or take time to cherish — Photos of the people you love just being themselves.

This alone is fantastic but I think there’s a lot more to get excited about, like the future value of the kind of photos that the Clip takes. The opportunity to actually look back 5, 10, 20 years from now and actually see things like — what my childhood bedroom actually looked like, that certain game I used to play with my best friend every day after school, a time-lapse of a massive pillow fort I made with my sister.

Take a moment and imagine what that would mean for you and your childhood. When you say to your child, “when I was your age…” and then being able to show them exactly what you were doing when you were their age.

A time-lapse of that special summer project, like this one Oskar and his son made while building a tree house.

Seeing yourself as baby from your dad’s point of view.


The moment you fell in love with the ocean.


and all that great playtime…

What moments from your childhood do you wish you could go back and relive through photos? Reminisce with us in the comments.