Weekly update: GPS, beta testing and a Memoto time-lapse

Weekly update: GPS, beta testing and a Memoto time-lapse 1

GPS field-testing


Björn, our CTO, has been logging a lot of miles while field-testing the GPS. As you can see, the GPS is doing what it should, registering locations at regular intervals! We can give you some pointers if you ever need sightseeing tips for southern Sweden, a nice bonus from all of Björn’s field-testing 🙂

He made this track while driving around with a regularly assembled Memoto camera. The location fix, the software and algorithms are all working well, so basically what’s happening now is we’re trying to optimize it for all types of use and wear. Improving this as much as possible is important so when, for example, you want to find photos by location, you’ll be able to search for it that way within the Memoto App.

If you’re curious about our journey with the GPS antenna that began this spring, read the posts here, here and here.

Beta testing

We are preparing to begin external beta testing here in Stockholm. This testing will begin once we have received and verified the small batch of cameras coming from our factory in Taiwan, mentioned here, which should be this coming week!

There’s not a “right” way to use the Memoto Camera

Sebastian, one of Memoto’s founders, got creative with the camera during a recent trip to Sicily. Apart from wearing it around the island with his new fiancé (congrats!), he was curious to see how a time-lapse made with the camera would turn out. The Sicilian sunrise was a perfect test subject, so after dinner one night, our own MacGyver, picked out a knife and an empty wine bottle to stabilize the camera and let it do its thing. See the beautiful result below.

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Others of us have captured some great moments by clipping the camera to the top of a carton of orange juice. The carton gets passed around the table and you get great photos from different vantage points. Soon you’ll be rigging you own Memoto camera with whatever you can find. What ideas do you all have? Tell us about them!


Time-lapse made with Memoto

Time-lapse captured with the Memoto Lifelogging Camera from Memoto on Vimeo.

Much love!

/Memoto team