Weekly update: making the Memoto Camera your own, PCB production in Taiwan and stabilizing the chain

Weekly update: making the Memoto Camera your own, PCB production in Taiwan and stabilizing the chain 2

Anyone feeling crafty?

Many of you have asked us for the dimensions of the outer shell of the Memoto camera, in order to start making your own holders, accessories and front-face stickers. We have a passion for creativity and of course want to make this happen, although we had to wait to release this information until we were 100% certain on the exact outside dimensions of the device’s case. Now, since we’re at production of the plastics involved, we can give it to you with confidence! We’ve put together a sheet describing the main dimensions and shape as well as some 1:1 scale examples of front-face stickers.


Click for link to the PDF

In order to simplify the making of more advanced accessories, ones that attach to the Memoto in ways that need a more detailed drawing of the device, we will also release a 3D model of the device’s outside in several common 3D formats that can be imported in CAD tools. Please understand that we’re in the last phases of fine-tuning the internal mechanics of the device so this 3D release will have to wait a few more weeks to avoid drawing resources away from the production.

Production update

We are currently producing the next batch of 100 units in Taiwan as we previously wrote, while we are fixing some details of firmware issues like improving battery life and improving the image quality by tweaking the settings and workings of the camera subsystem. Many of the other assembly process and mechanics final adjustments are related to improving the production yield.

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Software and Backend

The backend work is focusing on continuously improving the photo processing and moment building algorithms. As you saw in last week’s video, the beta cameras, uploader and apps are all up and running. So, the focus on the software side has been to stabilize this chain of data from camera, to uploader, server and mobile apps. There has been a lot of beta-testing of the camera, uploader and server functions in order to find bugs and exterminate them in order to make your experience with Memoto a great one.

Have a nice weekend!

/Memoto team