Weekly update: our new team member

Weekly update: our new team member 1

Recently, we welcomed a new member to our engineering team, Daniel Hamngren. Daniel is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden and from the looks of it (see picture below), he is fitting right in at the Lund office 🙂 He comes from a background in engineering physics and will work with image analysis and photo synthesis, basically he’ll be further developing the methods for automatically selecting the best pictures from the moments. He’s jumped right in and is currently working on making a production test module for verifying the camera performance of the camera module. This will test if the image quality is on par with what is expected after the camera is assembled; the idea being that we won’t need to manually look at a test image for every unit, making the factory testing faster and more robust (yay!).

Since Daniel is working on the production test module, other hands are free to do field-testing of the GPS with the current version to test the impact of wearing the camera in different situations. We’ve also sent the latest revised PCB version for manufacturing. This revised version incorporated a better camera connector design and some fixes to further improve the GPS sensitivity.

Daniel's first week at the Lund Office

Daniel’s first week at the Lund Office (he’s the blond, bearded guy in green with glasses…who juggles)

Last week, we wrote about what we achieved during the dev crunch period (A lot! go see for yourself). We not only made significant headway getting the software and backend up to shipping standards but the crunch also helped us realign our processes, increasing our efficiency as a team. Now these processes are being used to continue improving upon the implemented features and integration of backend tools and processes, like developing the API.

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Have a great weekend!

/Memoto team