August round-up: This week in lifelogging

Each month we compile a list of all the articles mentioned in our This Week in Lifelogging (TWIL) posts. Check out the archive of our TWIL commentary on these articles! Happy reading.

QS products

Mass Transit Powers…Activate! Sesame Ring Could Replace Your Subway and Bus Pass

Owlet Baby Care Creates the First Wearable Tech for Babies, Sending Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels to a Parent’s Smartphone

A month of wearing the Misfit Shine every day (and night)

Lifelogging: Why Wearable Tech Will Change the Way We Share Our Lives

Bicycle turn signals get the Ben Heck mod treatment

ActiveReplay’s Trace Wants To Bring Quantified Self Tech To Action Sports For Players And Spectators

BioBeats raises celebrity seed funding to turn quantified self data into therapeutic music

Apps that know what you want, before you do

Drunk and chic: meet Lapka BAM, the iPhone of breathalyzers

New E-skin brings wearable tech to the next level

The Rove App Is An Easy Way To Remember Everywhere You’ve Been

More lifelogging, quantified self articles

What is Nostalgia Good For? Quite a Bit, Research Shows

RaceCapture ProRaceCapture Pro Indiegogo Campaign

The Benefits Of A Quantified Self

How mood mapping helped me beat bipolar disorder

4 Reasons Why Curiosity is Important and How to Develop It

Memories Make Your Life Meaningful — Here’s How to Have More of Them

How To Become More Spontaneous or Stop Being Boring

Do health-tracking apps spur risk taking?

Crowdfunding move for lifelogging technology

8 New Jobs People Will Have In 2025

Can Wearable Tech Improve the Music Festival Experience?

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Ancient Greeks and the Quantified Self

Lifelogging: The Health-Related Side Effects Of Keeping A Lifelog