Weekly Update: updated camera modules, progress with the GPS and the outcome of crunch week #1

Weekly Update: updated camera modules, progress with the GPS and the outcome of crunch week #1 1

There is good news about the two remaining hardware issues we discussed in the last update (!!) and the crunch period is going well, we’ve lots of caffeine and snacks around the office to keep everyone going. Read on to see what has been accomplished so far.


The two issues we talked about last week are starting to resolve. We received the new updated camera modules earlier this week, and it seems like they fit well with our new connector system, so this change will be on the next PCB batch. This will make it virtually impossible to dislodge the connector after production. We have also made progress hunting down what we believe to be the last remnants of noise interfering with the GPS! These improvements will be included on the next PCB layout as well. It’s kind of difficult to predict the outcome and efficiency of such things, but as soon as you actually see a reduction of the signals you’re working on, as we do now, you can at least be sure everything is moving in the right direction. To paraphrase a team member — we can almost smell the cameras! 🙂


The current version of the Memoto camera

Software and backend

Things are progressing on the software end! Keep reading below to see what has come out of the crunch period up to now.


Stockholm office this week


  • sharing photos to facebook, twitter, instagram and email
  • saving high resolution photo to camera roll
  • improved navigation in moment view
  • enabling notifications when momentification is complete, meaning users should get a push notification when all new photos have been made into moments
  • calibrating the play speed of a moment, meaning that play speed is just right for a user to playback a normal moment
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We’ve made a lot of improvements and bug fixes including:

  • making it easier to understand what’s happening
  • the ability to pause an upload
  • stability fixes


  • support for user tags
  • the ability to distribute new firmware versions on our backend, a requirement for automatic camera upgrades
  • making some API calls faster, so fetching timelines and photos should be quicker

We’ll see you all next week.

Have a good one!

/Memoto team