Weekly progress update: successful run with the tooling for the other side of the camera casing and work on the API

The weekly roundup is here! Last week we told you that the new PCBs arrived and the tooling for part of the camera’s casing had been successful (you’ll find that update and the others here).

This week:


  • The tooling responsible for the front part of the Memoto plastic shell has now successfully gone through its first injection molding, just like we accomplished last week for the back part. It is the most complicated part we have in the mechanics assembly, so this is excellent news. The next step for the tooling is to process it to create the final texture and feeling of the surfaces and to fine-tune some dimensions to make everything fits together optimally.


  • The design for the main interface on Windows is done. We are now working with the tray interface and linking it up to our backend.
  • We are making the momentification more stable and able to work in real-time (moments are being built while the photos are being uploaded now instead of waiting for all photos to be uploaded).
  • The installer for the OSX uploader is done.
  • We are working on a guide to help new users through the setup process.
  • We are working on the web view that will show shared moments.
  • We are continuing to develop the tests used by the factory for quality testing at various places in the production pipeline.


  • We are continuing work on uploading directly to our server to prepare for production loads.
  • We are continuing work on improving how we build moments.
  • And we are working on the API.  For example, tagging photos and moments (this can be used for starring, sharing, hiding and so on). We have also started working on how to connect users and devices through the API.
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Have a good one!

/Memoto team