Weekly progress update: verified GPS antennas, new user experience and some waiting

Spring has finally arrived to Sweden. We’re happy for a bit of sun and we’re happy to bring you the weekly update!


There’s a lot of hurry up and wait going on with the manufacturing process at the moment. We know you’re eager to get any kind of estimate on delivery and these outside factors are part of what make giving an estimate difficult at the moment.

  • We’re waiting for both the first plastic parts and the first mass-produced PCBs.
  • We’re also finalizing the production of the USB cable.

We received the mass-produced versions of the GPS antennas last week and have verified that they work according to our prototypes. Now it’s just more quality testing.

We are continuing work on the production test PCs and preparing them for the setup in Taiwan.

Still waiting for packaging samples, are having the texts on the packaging and in the quick start guide sent to a copywriter for feedback and editing if needed.


Development on the windows client is well underway. We’re working on optimizing the Windows Uploader for multicore machines. This will improve both network performance (since we can upload multiple photos simultaneously), and make it more responsive.

We want your experience with Memoto to be as intuitive as possible, so streamlining the “new user” experience is a priority. The goal is to make you love the Memoto Lifelogging Experience from first use. 


The backend is mainly focusing on improving performance and stability and to make the upload and building of moments process smoother. We’re making headway, we can build, persist, and load photo metadata in a faster and easier way than before. It is also easier to add and use metadata that depends on other metadata thanks to a new dependency resolver. This will likely remain the focus in this area for a few weeks, since this process is such an integral part of the Memoto Experience.

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Have a wonderful weekend and feel free to send us questions and comments.

/Memoto Team