Moving Forward: Memoto Progress Update

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We are striving to make a world-class product that delivers the best customer experience possible and the path to bringing you this amazing product is forging ahead! We’re hard at work and want to keep you informed along the way. Check out our recent progress below.

So, what’s going on with the hardware? A few notable things have happened since last week.

  • The blueprints of plastic molds for the camera’s casing have been finished by our engineers and sent to our factory, Yomura, for evaluation and testing. Once these blueprints have been approved they will begin tooling production. 
  • Building the software for a test program that Yomura will use to make sure all the components inside the camera are functioning properly. This is the first batch that will be made by Yomura (the previous cameras were made by a smaller and local, manufacturer).
  • The first batch of our custom GPS antenna is now being produced in Taiwan, it’s a flex film style antenna similar to the antennas used in all cellphones.
  • The release candidate of the PCB and electronics is done and being sent to Taiwan this week for production. This will take a few weeks, and it is our hope of course that this will be the final revision used for the first mass-production.

On the Software side, we are currently

  • Testing the creation of moments with test subjects to get the best interpretation of what defines a moment that is most relavant to users.
  • Working with the OSX client to make it easier to use and understand.
  • Improving the system so that the best photos are brought to the forefront of a “moment.” (The system does not delete any photos)
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  • we have finished analyzing the accelerometer data so the photos are rotated the way they should be when viewed. 

We’ve also been working with our shipping company (Shipwire) to make sure everything is ready on that end. To test this, we are using them to ship the Memoto T-shirts, which should have started arriving in some of our US backers mailboxes.

As always, we love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us in the comments section. Same time next week!

/The Memoto Team