This week in Lifelogging: Biohacking, wearable tech and an app that dreams big

This week in Lifelogging: Biohacking, wearable tech and an app that dreams big 1

Interested in Biohacking?


dave asprey

Dave Asprey, who appears in the upcoming Lifeloggers documentary, was interviewed by Business Insider about his involvement in the quantified self movement. “Through biohacking, Asprey says he’s learned how to “turn on happy” and turn off stress with just one breath. He’s even increased his IQ by more than by 20 points, but won’t say exactly how much.”

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QS and Technology


The article mentions several different variables that are being tracked with ease by the currently available technology: Mood, eating habits, fitness goals, sleep, brainwave activity, life’s moments. “In today’s world, each individual is a mini-corporation gathering data, measuring inputs and outputs, and looking for insights to better lead their life.” What are you tracking about yourself? What do you use to track them?

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Future Tech


From wearable sensors to driverless cars, the coming technology looks interesting and is rapidly progressing. “You can bet there will be plenty of inventions in the realm of wearable computing, we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg now.” What kind of tech have you been waiting to see?

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Wearable technology and driving


An interesting thing about this disruptive technology, especially wearables since they are so personal, is the uncertainty and interest in how it will transform current norms. People are already wondering how they will effect everything from activities like driving to socially constructed concepts like privacy. It will be interesting to see what other issues and concerns emerge as more devices are released. One thing we’re sure of is that wearing a Memoto camera while driving will certainly be legal, and maybe even preferable in the eyes of your insurance company:)

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An App to help you achieve your dreams


Everest is an app that will help you identify, plan and motivate your way to realizing your dreams. The creators of the app claim it “helps you tackle goals by combining inspiration, organization and social support.” Read more about the app and let us know your opinion. Do you think an app like this would help you reach your big goals? Are you already using something like it? Do you see the Memoto camera complementing an app like this?

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