Memoto – behind the scenes: A visit to our manufacturer, Yomura

Memoto - behind the scenes: A visit to our manufacturer, Yomura 1

Ever wonder where exactly “Made in Taiwan” is? Johan Thelander, Memoto’s Quality Manager, made a visit in December to the factory where the Memoto Lifelogging Camera will be manufactured. He gives us an inside look at the factory and some background on why they are a perfect fit for Memoto.


Hey Memoto customers and fans!

The Taiwanese factory YOMURA is one of the leading companies in complex plastic solutions, something very important to the overall design of the Memoto camera. An industry leader in using the latest techniques, one of Yomura’s greatest strengths is producing quality products. Since our aim is to build not only a product with superior quality, but also a beautiful, sleek design, they were a natural choice.

Picture 1
FANUC machines are among the best in the world.

They produce waterproof camera housings, high-end military casings, complex keyboards, medical devices, and a lot more cool stuff for companies like Apple and Lifeproof. However, one of the main reasons we chose them to produce the Memoto camera was their work with another complex Swedish product, the Mutewatch. I have worked with Mutewatch for 4 1/2 years, and visited Yomura now 11 times. It is, therefore, a convenient scenario to use the existing contacts, knowledge base and methods to help streamline the startup of the production process for Memoto, and ensure your Memoto camera ends up in your hands as soon as possible.

Picture 2Thomas gathering information to prepare USB cable samples

Picture 3
Meeting with packaging supplier Fudy to start production of box samples

Picture 4
The first Taiwan-made samples of the clip

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During this most recent trip, we began discussing and ordering samples of the different components that will comprise the whole Memoto product. Today, we now have prototypes from the factories and correct suppliers for the following: Metal clip, gift box and USB-cable. Yomura is also preparing to  produce the injection molds for the camera’s case and the details for this will be finalized shortly.

Picture 5
Random street in Taiwan

It was a very productive visit and everyone at Yomura is as excited to be working with Memoto as we are to be working with them!

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//Johan Thelander
Quality Manager