This Week in Lifelogging: Environmental Lifelogging, QS and Work Satisfaction and Google Now

This Week in Lifelogging: Environmental Lifelogging, QS and Work Satisfaction and Google Now  1

 Environmental Lifelogging

A Russian company, Lapka, has created a set of sensors used with your smartphone for detecting radiation, electromagnetic fields, humidity / temperature, and measuring how organic your food is. “The pack of sensors is about environmental life-logging and keeping a journal of the invisible fields you inhabit every day.”

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Can QS help give people more satisfaction at work?

Engagement plays a big part in work satisfaction. QS devices and services could offer a good way to engage workers in the workplace, mutually benefiting both the employee and employer. “Lyubomirsky’s research has shown that happy people tend to be more creative, are more productive at work, and go on to earn higher salaries.” Would you get involved with a work-sponsored activity tracking program? Let us know in the comment section.

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Quantified Self and Social Media

A few months ago we talked about the Wolfram Alpha tool for Facebook analytics, now Facebook and Twitter have released their own. So, what can you learn about yourself from your social media accounts – For instance, things like what was your most “Golden” (popular) Tweet or who was your “Golden Follower” on Twitter and Facebook is sharing your 20 most important moments of this past year. “You wouldn’t have to go that crazy with the “quantified self” ideal to get some worthwhile insights about what you’re doing — and shouldn’t be doing — with your online life, if only more services would tell you about yourself.” What kind self-data would you all like to see about yourself from Facebook and Twitter?

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Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

This has potential to change the way we remember or document our lives. Although, carrying around a small dodge ball isn’t that practical, the resulting photos are very cool. “Our goal is to build the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera as a consumer product for everybody. But with its ability to photograph large crowds, music festivals, conflict zones, crime scenes, etc., it additionally creates new possibilities for professionals, such as journalists or policemen.”

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Google is sticking its thumb in the QS pie.

Google Now is “a kind of reverse search engine for Android phones that offers useful information when it thinks you might need it” now offers activity tracking. The program can tell the difference between walking and cycling and offers the user a monthly report.

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Where does QS fit in world of Research?

According to author, at the beginning and end of the research process. Just some quick “food for thought.”

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