Remembering 2012 with Memoto – share your most memorable moments and win a Memoto camera!

Remembering 2012 with Memoto - share your most memorable moments and win a Memoto camera! 1

2012 – a year in the life of YOU! (Photo contest: win a Memoto camera) (UPDATED: content is now closed!)

The year is coming to an end, and in times like these we like to take a step back to reflect, reminisce, rejoice and bring our new experiences into the next year. For some, 2012 was a challenging year. For others it was full of joy and celebration. And for most of us, the year was about those precious little moments – of unexpected warmth, unplanned adventures, new learnings and deepened friendships. How was your 2012?

We at Memoto love photos. We’d love it if you shared photos of (or representing) your most memorable moments with us. That’s why we created this tumblr site where we’ll collect and show YOUR photos to the world. And “most memorable” can mean so many things: touching, happy, sad, exciting, crazy, beautiful…

We look forward to what you have to share. Thank you for being part of this collaborative story! Read on below for the simple instructions…

Bo Kaspers Orkester at department store

Randomly walking into the department store and getting treated to a jazz concert on an autumn day ūüôā

To share your picture and enter the contest to win a Memoto camera, just follow these simple steps (We’d still love if you keep posting photos, but the contest is now closed):

  • Post a photo on Instagram tagged #memoto12 in the caption (This means you can’t add the tag to a comment in an old post! In that case you have to create a new Instagram post). UPDATE: ALTERNATELY, POST A PHOTO DIRECTLY ON TWITTER WITH THE HASHTAG #memoto12
  • The photo will be published on¬†(automatically from Instagram – but we’ll post as many as we can from twitter, too!)
  • Repeat with as many photos as you want – share any number of memorable moments!
  • Share this contest by tweeting/facebooking this blog post or the tumblr site
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And these are the details:

  • The contest ends on January 2nd 2013.
  • The Memoto team will pick a number of finalist photos and decide a winner.
  • The finalists and the winner will be announced on the blog on the 14th of January.
  • Please don’t post spam. We will moderate the feed and delete pictures if they are deemed to be irrelevant / not an original photo / inappropriate / disturbing.
See you on the other side!
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