This Week in Lifelogging: Quantifying photos, Sousveillance and how self-tracking could save your life.

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How to quantify a photograph

Specifically about self portraits, this presentation begins to skim the surface of how photographs fit into the QS movement. “Sharla learned that self-portraits can be an outlet for public dialog, a powerful mirror, and a creative way to explore the expression of different states of mind.” We’d love to hear any thoughts you all have regarding quantifying photos!

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Surveillance v Sousveillance

A lot of people are curious about how recording everything will be received by society and what it means for privacy. This article from Time Tech by Professor Steve Mann offers some potential insight into our recorded future. What does recording everything mean for the future? Mann give several predictions, including: The most dramatic change will not be the loss of privacy, as that has already been eroded (and will soon be completely washed away) by surveillance. The most dramatic change will be in the erosion of illegal secrecy by sousveillance.” See our previous post section on Stealthy Life Tracking for an idea of how much your are already being tracked.

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First person wedding video with GoPro

A bride added a GroPro camera to her wedding bouquet! Check out some of the great footage she got above! “I wonder if the current plans for wearable cameras like the Memoto and Autographer might not mean that this sort of thing becomes more common and popular. You could record any major life event this way — just stick it to the front of your graduation gown, or whatever.”

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Self-tracking technology may save your life

This is the kind of thing I think will eventually make the QS movement a household name. Self-tracking that leads to self-improvement is great but not for everyone; self-tracking that can, so obviously, save lives is. “Normally a tumor must grow to about 1 cm in diameter – about the size of a pea – before it can be manually detected. That can take years, giving the tumor a dangerous head start.” The device is able to detect tissue abnormalities up to 6 years before current methods would notice anything. Think about how many lives this could save.

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New from Memoto this week: we announced the start of Memoto Meetups! The first will be in Helsinki on November 21st from 17-18. Please join us and bring your thoughts and questions on Memoto and lifelogging!

And, if you haven’t heard, we introduced Stretch Goal #3 on Kickstarter this week! Our goal is $700,000 and it will enable us to start producing 3 new accessories for the Memoto Camera:

  1. Memoto Wifi Dock
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