The only way to get a Memoto Camera in the new color is…

The only way to get a Memoto Camera in the new color is... 4

…to back us on Kickstarter!

Thanks to everyone who took time to vote! The results are in: There are 719 votes for 29 different colors and the winner, with 312 votes, is…BLACK! This is possible because of all you wonderful backers. We reached the very first stretch goal with your help and now we have you to thank for helping us choose the new camera color! You guys are awesome!

The piano black camera will be made exclusively for Kickstarter. All backers will have black as a color choice for their camera. But the color is only available through Memoto’s Kickstarter campaign and will not be a color choice on The campaign ends tomorrow, November, 30th at 12:00pm (CET)! 

The Memoto Camera in Piano Black (exclusively for Kickstarter)

The Memoto Camera Lineup

Tell your friends not to wait! If they want a camera in Black there’s only one day left to get it!

Go to our Kickstarter Campaign!

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