Seamless Lifelogging with The Memoto App

Seamless Lifelogging with The Memoto App 7

The development team is hard at work on the Memoto App. Reaching the 2nd stretch goal allowed us to hire a project manager to facilitate the app development process and make sure we deliver the best possible product. Here’ s a look at how the app will work with your Memoto camera to bring you seamless lifelogging and how things are coming along.

The photos are analyzed based on various algorithms that consider not only explicit markers like GPS and time, but also lighting, clarity, photo composition, face detection and changes in context.

So, a moment may be 50 photos or 500, depending on these factors. For instance:

  • Your commute in your car (100 photos)
  • Meeting your co-worker on your way into the office (10 photos)
  • Getting coffee (6 photos)
  • Work at your desk (200 photos)
  • Attending a meeting (150 photos)
  • Lunch with a friend (100 photos)
These moments will then be presented to you on your smartphone as a Timeline; You can then go into a moment, view it as a time-lapse video and see other information about the moment, such as location and time. 


Smartphone App Timeline and Moment View Screenshot (click for larger view)

The App in its current state


A look around the Stockholm Development Office


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