$500,000 and 1000% Funded!!! What will the future hold?

$500,000 and 1000% Funded!!! What will the future hold? 5

There are 8 days to go, 8 days to strive for $700,000. It seems daunting, but honestly, so did our original goal. In the beginning of this adventure we never imagined being 1000% funded, and yet, here we are. Absolutely amazing! And it’s all because of you.

Below, you can take a look at what reaching the $700,000 stretch goal would mean!

The underlying idea of Memoto is to make everything about lifelogging as simple as possible. The sketches are just preliminary design ideas and might not be indiciative of the end result, but the feature set is fixed and will be met.

The Memoto Wifi Dock

 The Memoto Wifi Dock will streamline the entire lifelogging process. There are no buttons to push, simply wear, charge and wear again! The dock will have an SD-card slot for exchangeable memory storage, making it useful for charging and offloading photos from the Memoto Camera even when there is no wifi around for syncing.

The Waterproof Case

For all of you who imagine doing heavy duty lifelogging, whether it be swimming, hiking, scuba diving or doing hard work, we would like to develop a sturdy waterproof shell for the Memoto Camera. It will be made of hard transparent acrylic, have a really beautiful design but still be very functional, including a metal tripod mount.

The Wide-angle Lens

The wide-angle lens will be a corner snap-on, most likely giving the camera a 135 degree viewing angle. And, don’t worry, we’ll make sure it fits inside the waterproof case!

The Memoto Camera

Keep in mind the sketches make the camera and accessories appear much larger than they are. The camera is tiny and the accessories will be as well. Use this photo as a frame of reference while considering them.

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Rest assured we are not letting any of the work with the acccessories delay the delivery of the Memoto Camera to Kickstarter backers. This also means that the Wifi Dock and other accessories will not be available from the start, but rather as soon as possible after that.

Finally, we are excited to announce that we are ready to start ramp up production on the Memoto Camera! So, let your friends know about Memoto. Share the photos, this update, your thoughts! Tell them they should join you in being part of Memoto’s story and together we can make this future a reality.

Lots of Love,

The Memoto Team

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