This Week in Lifelogging: QS lists, conferences and new devices

This Week in Lifelogging: QS lists, conferences and new devices

Loïc Le Meir’s Quantified Self Rundown

Photo credit: Loic Le Meir

Loïc Le Meir, creator of LeWeb, blogs about the QS devices and apps he’s currently using or considering. It’s a great list that includes his feedback and thoughts on each one. Do any of you have a device or app you are using and loving right now? Please share it with us!

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New life tracking device

The Ammunition Group, the company who makes the Lark sleep-tracking bracelet, announced a new lifelogging product this week. The Larklife bracelet tracks sleep, food intake, movement and more. “It can use push notifications to send alerts to your phone to let you know, for example, that you’ve been sitting for a long time and it might be a good time to get up and take a walk, or that you didn’t get enough quality sleep last night and should have something to eat.”

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What will all this data mean?

The range and accessibility of QS apps are rapidly increasing, allowing a lot more people to get involved. “What if we were able to take the quantified use of metadata, a computing-based narrative of humanity, and integrate it with centuries of human narrative and storytelling?” asks Thanassis Rikakis, vice provost for design, arts and technology at Carnegie Mellon University. “That would provide a tremendous opportunity to understand humanity at a level that’s never been understood before.” Everyone’s got their own story to tell and this kind of data adds a whole new dimension.

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Life Recorder on NCIS

Did any NCIS fans out there catch the “life recorder” mention in Monday’s episode “Phoenix”? Apparently, McGee will be a beta-tester for a new product. Lifelogging has gone prime time!

Quantified Self Europe

Registration is now open for the conference in Amsterdam, in case you missed it.

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