This Week in Lifelogging: A taste of the digital future

This Week in Lifelogging: A taste of the digital future

This week in lifelogging have been characterised by thoughts from the Quantify Self Conference in Paolo Alto, fun ways to use collected data and new product releases from Fitbit.

Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip – two new health tracking devices

The health focused lifelogging company Fitbit released two new consumer products last week. Fitbit Ultra, a pedometer used to track your every day exercise has been updated. The new version, Fitbit One, comes with new features like Bluetooth 4.0 and more social sharing opportunities. They’re also releasing a new sensor called Zip that is simpler and cheaper than previous products.

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Find a creative use for your genome with an open source solution

The possibility to get a DNA test with your genome fully covered have been offered by companies like 23andme for some years now. During the Quantified Self Conference in Paolo Alto earlier in september 23andme revealed that they will open up their API. This will make it possible for developers to build services based on the information collected from users DNA.

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Will computers in our clothes be part of the digital future?

Are today’s lifelogging devices and services only the beginning of a larger movement? How much data can be collected about us? And how will it be collected? Will we have tiny computers in our clothes that log data? This post is about one possible solution – small sensors that charge themselves with the centrifugal power when you wash your clothes.

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Design your habits and improve your performance

Lifelogging is often used to keep track of new habits but could you track the habit itself to become even more successful? Start to track what days you are most likely to skip a fitness class and use the information to improve the design of your habits. Increase engagement with some tricks. This post is about both personal habits and group behaviour.

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Wearable Camera from OMG

OMG has introduced The Autographer, a wearable, lifelogging camera. This means that the camera automatically takes photos while on and does not require the user interaction. OMG’s press release explains, “The user can live the experience while Autographer spontaneously captures the stories that unfold.”

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Visualise your health data with Notch

Notch uses your Runkeeper or Fitbit data to create a beautiful infographic. It’s a story called ”In the long run” that changes each time you hit a new milestone. Your infographic adjusts slightly when you improve your results and it suggests a new milestone for you to aim for.

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