Hectic first day!

Hectic first day!

Our world tour has begun!

It feels awesome to finally be out filming! But the day started of dramatic. With a canceled flight bus we grabbed the nearest cab to the airport. Well there we searched for a non-existing custom, boarded a plane and finally took of to Copenhagen.

We’re staying at a hostel and had a nice chat with our roommate Li, from China. She hadn’t heard about lifelogging but gave it a good guess. Later we met the guys at Evertale, who are creating an online photoservice which will launch soon. According to them, lifeloggers do exist but have an intetion behind the logging…

Mats on the other hand, who we interviewed last Friday, saw it as a part of a technical revolution while the Danes we’ve met on the streets seem totally clueless to lifelogging.

This is confusing. We’re gonna get some sleep now and tomorrow it’s of to Beirut. Maybe we’ll get wise in Lebanon.












//Amanda & Ville