3 Killer Reasons Why We’re Excited for the Narrative Clip 2 Release

3 Killer Reasons Why We're Excited for the Narrative Clip 2 Release 5

The Narrative Clip is a small 5MP wearable camera that takes a photo every 30-seconds automatically. Later this year we’ll be releasing the next version of the Narrative Clip. The Narrative Clip 2 will be equipped with an 8MP camera, wifi, bluetooth, a wider angle lens, and more. Needless to say, we’re very much excited to bring you the next evolution of the Narrative Clip later this year. With so many improvements, I’m personally excited about 3 key differentiating features that will make the Narrative Clip 2 the talk of the town.

1) Photo quality

Narrative Clip 1 Photos

The Narrative Clip currently has a 5MP camera and takes some great photos, but we’re very enthusiastic about the new 8MP camera going into the Narrative Clip 2. We’ve seen some sample content coming from the Narrative Clip 2 and there is definitely a huge difference in terms of photo quality. The overall quality of the new Clip 2 photos will contain more data, which means more opportunity for minor photo editing to bring out your creative style.

2) Wireless connectivity

Narrative Clip 2 Wireless

The Narrative Clip 2 will have wifi and bluetooth capability which means uploading photos to the Narrative Cloud Service will be that much easier. In addition to uploading photos, the wireless connectivity will potentially allow a lot more cool features that will allow you to interact with you Narrative Clip 2 device in many more exciting ways.

3) Mounts


Although the Narrative Clip primarily is worn on clothing, the Narrative Clip 2 will feature an interchangeable mounting system which will allow users to attach the Narrative Clip to many more objects and experiment with different points of view.