10 Must See Stunning Examples of Time-lapse Photography

10 Must See Stunning Examples of Time-lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is a technique where a series of photographs are taken over a long period of time and later sped up. Processes that would normally appear subtle to the human eye, e.g. nature in motion, become more pronounced.

One very unique use of the Narrative Clip wearable camera could be to easily create a time-lapse of things in motion. The Narrative Clip has over 8GB of internal storage and enough battery life to take photos throughout a day. Taking time-lapse photography is as simple as clipping it onto something!

To help inspire and get your creative juices flowing, below you can find 10 absolutely stunning examples of time-lapse photography. Enjoy!

1) Landscapes: Volume 4K by Dustin Farrell

2) Illusion of Lights: A Journey into the Unseen by Goldpaint Photography

3) Cloud Symphony by Awhelin

4) Ancients by Nicholas Buer

5) Berlin Hyperlapse by b-zOOmi

6) Dream Music by Marc Donahue

7) Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45 by Frans Hofmeester

8) Traffic in Frenetic HCMC, Vietnam by Rob Whitworth

9) A Day in California by Ryan Killackey

10) Cover creation by Peter Belanger


We hope that you enjoyed this small curated list of awesome time-lapse photography examples. More importantly, we hope it inspired you to try some creative uses of the Narrative Clip!

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