Non-living objects that have found its way into the Quantified Self movement

Non-living objects that have found its way into the Quantified Self movement

Now we’ve all heard of the Quantified Self movement. Increasingly though, we are also ushering in a new era where our beloved things seem to have a life of its own as we track their health and well-being. Here are some non-human items that have gone lifelogging too.

1. The quantified automobile

Image credited to Thrivewire

Automatic is the equivalent of the fitness tracking apps that we have out there for our own healths. Compatible with almost every gas-powered car built since 1996, users simply have to plug the device into the onboard diagnostics port (ODBII) and it can give you feedback on your driving style in order to increase fuel efficiency. Automatic can also get you help in the case of a crash emergency, as well as provide insights on your automobile engine’s health.

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2. The quantified raw meat

Image credited to Pantelligent

Yes, you can also track the condition of the food you’re cooking. Or rather, the condition of the frying pan that’s cooking your food. Known as Pantelligent, or the “smart frying pan of the future”, this smart device boasts to be your handy kitchen assistant. Basically, Pantelligent contains a temperature sensor in the pan, which communicates with the smart phone app to offer you advice on when to flip the slab of meat or any other ingredients. It also comes with recipes that include information like time and temperature profiles so you can perfect that piece of steak or scallops. Love it? Support them in their Kickstarter campaign now!

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3. The quantified water pipe

Image credited to Water Hero

And here’s another useful quantified self tool for the household! Water Hero is a smart leak detection system that automatically protects your home from catastrophic burst pipes since continuous flows over limits will trigger alerts or automatic motor shutoff. In addition, it monitors water usage and detect leaks, and is also equipped with a temperature & humidity sensor which provides you with freeze warning text alerts. The best part of Water Hero is that you could access all these information from your smartphone, tablet or browser. Automatic is also available on Kickstarter so be sure to support them if you feel you need one of these!

4. The quantified organisation

Image credited to Business Community

Even though we’ve talked so much about household adoption of the Internet of Things, many still believe that the workplace will be leading in the Quantified Self movement. According to Fortune who reported from Workforce Institute director Joyce Maroney, “There’s a strong belief that wearable technology will take off in the workplace before the home because devices such as smart watches, intelligent ID badges, and fitness and health monitors can provide organisations with uncharted data collection points to greatly improve safety, productivity, collaboration, and overall workplace effectiveness”. What do you think?

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