Shipping the Narrative Clip

Shipping the Narrative Clip 1

Today’s the day!

Two members from the Narrative team, Johan and Linus, have been working with the Yomura team in Taiwan to get your clips ready to go. There’s been a lot going on from making sure the components for thousands of cameras are in order to testing them to make sure they work. And the last report those of us in Stockholm received from Taiwan was “everything is excellent.”

The first cameras are off the production line, packaged and ready to go. This first batch is a smaller one so we can make sure the entire process, all the way through shipping through our fulfillment partner, is in working order. Next week the focus is on ramping up production.





Test menu

Production testing menu

Anderson from Yomura running a production test

Anderson from Yomura running a production test


Electronics supplier going over an X-ray of the Narrative Clip electronics


Ready for packaging!


Be on the lookout!

Have a great weekend!

/Narrative team