Narrative Clip shipping update

Dear Narrative Community,

Now that we are 12 days in to November we thought we should update you on the shipping status.

Putting it together

Action shot from the factory by Narrative team member Linus

During these first days, we’ve built and shipped the first trial batch of the final series. We had some batch variance issues with the camera modules. These modules were meant for use in the first assembled batch of 1000 units from our factory, which meant we had to spend a few days figuring out what the difference in the modules meant and how to remedy it. Likewise, we had some unfortunate unit-to-unit and temperature-sensitivity variations of a power-chain component that has had less testing time than desired and this also required some time to find and figure out a solution.

Issues like these always happen in the production of electronics and are normally absorbed in the overall project lead-times involved. In this case though, we want to get as many units out to you as quickly as possible. So we are trying to run a slightly more compressed time schedule, which has the downside that these type of minor hiccups can cause a little delay.

So, what does that mean for your shipping?

If your shipping date is after this week (week of Nov 11) you are not affected. The small delay will be absorbed quickly over time.

If your shipping date is this week, the new estimated date for when your unit leaves the factory is next week. That’s the time we need to fix the error.

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All of the other mass-produced components are of a very high quality and the mass-assembly and packaging is set up to proceed with production and shipping as soon as possible.

We’re very happy that we’re able to get you all your products very soon. Can’t wait to hear what you all think about them.

Narrative Team