Weekly update: The beta testing journey

Weekly update: The beta testing journey 1

The Journey Begins

The cameras for the beta testing arrived from our factory in Taiwan!

Beta testing is happening

We are releasing the camera out into the wild. Be on the lookout if you’re in the Stockholm area and let us know if you see one!

The testing is happening in week long sprints and due to logistical constraints they need to be carried out locally. The idea is to evaluate various things such as functionality and backend capacity so we can find errors, examine user experience and get feedback on how to continuously improve the entire product service chain. We’ll share the results as well.

The big thing to take away from this information is that the beta testing is not going to delay shipping. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming up, more than you might think…Keep an eye out for something big next Thursday!

Meanwhile you can check out where we started from, here.

Have a great weekend!

/Memoto team