The Editing of Lifeloggers: Julian Antell

The Editing of Lifeloggers: Julian Antell 3


In anticipation of releasing our documentary, Lifeloggers, we spoke with Julian Antell. Julian is the freelance film editor who edited Lifeloggers. He has years of experience from film/television (notably, he edited one of the trailers for Award-winning documentary Searching For Sugarman) and was finishing his degree from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts when he saw our ad and was immediately intrigued.

When going through all the raw material for the first time, Julian was impressed by the people in the interviews, how they demonstrated a passion and deep knowledge about “lifelogging”, an area that most of us don’t have a firm grasp on. The expert who fascinated him the most was Ernesto Ramirez, who constructed a creative solution to the sedentary lifestyle challenge by combining his office desk with a treadmill.

Julian found the talks in the film though-provoking, like when they illustrate our society’s gradual concatenation of our digital and physical selves, exemplified by the concept of “sousveillance”:

“I had never heard the word before, but when I think about it, it strikes me as a similar concept to cinematography’s ‘point of view’ that can be seen in the movies Lady In The Lake (1947), Strange Days (1995) and Enter The Void (2009),” Julian says.

After the film made him curious to try lifelogging himself, Julian started using “Mappiness” (an iPhone app to log your mood), but abandoned it after three days of use.

“I felt unmotivated to actively log my mood every day, plus it’s hard to try and give an objective measurement to something as subjective as mood. But I’d like to find a way to do lifelogging that actually suits me,” Julian concludes.

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