This week in Lifelogging: Tracking Tattoos, Cyborgs and Memoto’s one year anniversary!

This week in Lifelogging: Tracking Tattoos, Cyborgs and Memoto's one year anniversary! 3

Wearable Tech: Control your devices with movements


The device seems to be straight out of Minority Report; controlling your digital devices with simple movements. “The band is called MYO. The electrodes in the device pick up on electrical activity in your muscles. Combined with motion sensors, that means MYO can tell what gestures you are making with your hand.” You can pre-order one today at

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Self-tracking Tattoos


Discreet and effortless tracking in a tiny, temporary tattoo. They might become the norm in hospitals and with the QS crowd. “The development takes wearable technology to the extreme, designed as a non-invasive diagnostic sensor that could be used to measure hydration, activity, and even infant temperature. It bonds to the skin, somewhat like a temporary tattoo, flexing and bending in sync with your skin the way you wish a Band-Aid would.”

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Hearing color: What it’s like to be a Cyborg

Neil Harbisson has an electronic eye that helps the colorblind Harbisson perceive color through bone conduction. The rise of wearable technology has the potential to make cyborgs out of a lot of us, so what does it mean to be a cyborg and why would we want to be one? He suggests it’s simple, “if we extend our senses, then, consequently, we will extend our knowledge.”

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Mood tracking through voice detection

Xpression, created by ei technologies out of London, recognizes the user’s voice and records it at different times throughout the day. “The app was designed to provide a more objective, reliable record of patient’s emotions than “mood diaries” currently used in the treatment of people with anxiety, depression or stress.”

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 First person photography


An interesting collection, more interesting that you might actually capture these kinds of photos naturally with the Memoto camera. What other kind of senerios have you considered for the camera?

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Happy Birthday, Memoto!


We are celebrating one year today!

Have a great weekend.