Remembering 2012: And the winner is…

Remembering 2012: And the winner is... 7

Thank you for all the wonderful entries in the #memoto12 contest! Announcing the winner…

Memoto is all about remembering those special everyday moments, and capturing them with a visual representation that will help us relive them whenever we want. In that spirit, we launched the contest “Remembering 2012 with Memoto” right before the team took some well-deserved holiday vacation. Now that we’re back in action it’s time to present our runners up followed by the winner, the lucky recipient of a free Memoto camera!

First, we did get a lot of beautiful, exciting and pretty pictures (over 60 entries), and we’re sure every photo carries a special meaning to the photographer who took it. We appreciate every entry a lot! You can check them out on the contest site here, it will stay active for posterity. We also put together a little collage of a few of the most aesthetically alluring pictures below:

Remembering 2012 with Memoto

A sample of beautiful entries in the #memoto12 contest

That said, the name of the game this time was “most memorable moment”, indicating not only visual appeal but the emotional charge in the picture. This is of course a very subjective matter, and it made for some good debating back and forth among us internally. In the end we in the Memoto team picked these finalists for a first draft. The honorable mentions are thus:


So, who among these ended up the winner? With a powerful and emotional story told in just a few words, and a picture that captured a triumphatory and important moment in a person’s life, we really couldn’t go with anyone other than…

As the caption says: “Kicked cancer in the ass this year. Also sang the national anthem at the local cancer fundraiser game.” We couldn’t ask for a more memorable moment than that, or what do you think? The entry was made by Instagram user “yakebaj” or Jake Jager – we congratulate you, Jake! We’ll get in touch with you to get your delivery details. And again, thank you to everyone who participated!

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What did you think of this contest? Do you have ideas of other ways to involve the Memoto community with promotions/activities connected to lifelogging? Share in the comments!

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