This Week in Lifelogging: LeWeb Edition

This Week in Lifelogging: LeWeb Edition 3

Memoto was a LeWeb in Paris this week. The conference topic was The Internet of Things.  For any readers unfamiliar with the term, it basically means how the internet is extending beyond just computers, tablets, smartphones and starting to be interactive with unconnected devices, the environment and our bodies.

Memoto was there with the 27 other Swedish companies in the Talk to Sweden Booth: DreamLR, Snowfire, Goo Technologies, Linkafy, LoadImpact, RelationDesk, FundedByMe, Codeness, Jajdo, Merchii, Palbetting, Truecaller, MoSync, Oriboo, Dramatify, Qbrick, Oculusai, Promobucket, Scrive, Omnicloud, Curvanade,, Neo Technology, APIHQ.comPoosty, Ericsson and Opera Capital Partners. Many thanks to the Swedish Trade Council for organizing.

Travel Lifelogging made easy!

Context means a lot, without it things are just hard to understand. When it comes to documenting travels, we come back with tons of photos and video and often a lot of work ahead of us as we try  to find a nice way to reminisce and share the journey. The LifeTrekker App allows you to make a comprehensive map of your trip, including photos, videos and notes appearing on the map where they were actually taken, written or shot. The part I like the most is the live sharing option, as someone who lives in a different country from my family and a lot of my friends, the idea of allowing them to occasionally follow me around and see life through my eyes in real time is exciting. Your location, speed and altitude changes are recorded and can be easily exported to excel for even more self-tracking capacity.

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I had the pleasure of meeting LiveTrekker CEO, Jean-Marc DeBaud, at LeWeb.

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You really can control things with your MIND!

Will emoticons soon be a thing of the past 🙁 ?? Watch the video to find out.

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Self-tracking Hardware Pioneer, Fitbit

Fitbit CEO, James Park, spoke with LeWeb founder, Loic Le Meur, about the company’s startup days. Here’s the interesting, entrepreneur-focused talk about their experience as a lifelogging hardware innovator.

The LeWeb Startup competition finalists

Be-Bound, a cheap way to use your smartphone abroad. Qunb, perhaps one of the first “data commons” we mentioned a couple months ago? And, Recommend, a mobile app to make recommendations on anything local and relevant.

Congratulations to Qunb for winning the LeWeb Startup Competition! Are any of you considering a data contribution? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments section!

Have a wonderful weekend!