This Week in Lifelogging: Privacy, Tictrac and Memoto on The Colbert Report!

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 Recording your life and privacy

Privacy is something we are asked about frequently. As cool and interesting as many of us think the Memoto camera and other products like it are, there are just as many who are very concerned with what it means for their privacy. This article is on a wearable computer Intel is creating. It seems this kind of technology is inevitable, so we need to start taking an active part in shaping practices and policies surrounding its use and our privacy. ‘We need to tread very, very carefully to ensure we do not blindly walk into a situation where there is so much data being recorded about us we are simply no longer in control of our own identity.’

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Do you consider yourself a part of the QS Movement?

We’re seeing more and more buzz about self tracking. Check out the post and slide show on Quantified Self.

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Tictrac helps you figure out what to do with QS data

Our friends over at Tictrac are creating a service to help everyone put all that self data that has been accumulating to good use. Even if you don’t consider yourself part of the quantified self movement, you’re probably passively collecting data about yourself. Tictrac can show you how it can be used to make improvements in your life. “Giga Om suggests Tictrac could help popularize the “quantified self” community where individuals collect and share data on their nutrition, sleeping patterns, fitness and medication. It could also be useful to people with chronic health conditions.” (WSJ)

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QS Reading List

The great folks at have added a nice list reading suggestions from various sources. Check it out if you’re looking for some thought-provoking material.

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Tip of the Hat from Stephen Colbert

And, before we sign off for the weekend, we can’t help but mention that Memoto was featured on The Colbert Report last night!

Happy Friday!