What can be tracked in a lifelog? (Part 2)

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A while ago we wrote about some lifelogging services that could help you track different health aspects in life. But sleep, weight and mood were are only a few of the areas where lifelogging services are common.

One part of lifelogging that we’ve saved until this week is all the different ways of keeping a diary online. Today, a decade after blogs starting to replace classic diaries, there are tons of diary services online. Here are some that we’ve found and like.

Momento – App for Iphone and Ipod touch that lets you write a diary and connect it to all your social media activity. Your updates in social media give you a lot of information on what you’ve been up to, if you don’t feel like writing on your own.

Daileez – Use icons to remember what you did a certain day. Fun and easy way to keep a diary!

Daily Diary – Web based diary service that lets you log both written journal posts as well as numbers and statistics.

LivingTime – A personal timeline software for your computer that lets you write a diary, and upload photos and video to keep track of everything you do in life.

Phenomenalog – If you want to keep track of phenomenons such as UFOs, ghosts, near death experiences and ”other weird stuff” (their words, not ours) you could use Phenomena log. You could also read other members’ stories about their odd experiences.

Penzu – Keep a journal online. Looks very much like an ”analog” journal and is extremely simple to use. If you’re a pro user you can have more than just one journal and log different things in different ”books”.

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WordPress.com – … or any other blog tool. With a protected password it’s maybe still the most flexible way of keeping a journal online. (Without many of the automatic features mentioned above, that is.)

Do you keep a diary? Digitally or in a classic paper journal? Let us know, leave a comment!