Making data fun

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At Memoto, we believe in fun. We also believe in data and the power of having a lot of good, visualized data. The more you know (of, for instance, your own life) the more in control you are and the better prepared you are for changes – initialized by yourself or not. Not to mention all the (fun!) things you can do with that data.

But collecting this amount of data can be, and historically has been, tedious and cumbersome. That’s why we think the key is in “making data fun”. And why we get happy when we find other apparently brilliant people elaborate on this.

In the interview, Tim Chung at Mayfield Fund gives his thoughts on the notion of quantified self after a series of articles on Techcrunch. It is interesting and it is, we think, really important for anyone trying to “throw data at people” (as Tim Chung puts it).

What do you think? How can we make the collecting of data fun?