Learn all you need to know about Narrative and the lifelogging domain here! These resources will be of help in most types of project you can think of.


Tools from Narrative

Narrative Open Platform – Access the Narrative API and documentation here, as well as hardware templates to create your own stickers or accessories.

Narrative Forum: Enterprise & Academia section – The forum where you can exchange experiences and discuss Narrative applications with peers from around the globe.

“Lifeloggers” documentary – a 23 minute video production from Narrative made from interviews with many lifelogging pioneers – researchers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs

Narrative Professional Offering – Downloadable pdf slide deck

(Coming soon) Instruction Sheet 1: Protecting Study Participants’ Privacy When Collecting Photos From Multiple Narrative Clips

(Coming soon) Instruction Sheet 2: How to Manage Narrative Clip Rentals at Events/Weddings

(Coming soon) Instruction Sheet 3: How to Manage Narrative Clip Rentals at Tourist Sites / Hotels

(Coming soon) Instruction Sheet 4: How to Use the Narrative Clip 2 for the First Time


Learn about lifelogging

Papers from Personal Informatics

Lifelogging: Personal Big Data

Towards Storytelling from Visual Lifelogging: An Overview




Papers & articles where Narrative technology is used and referenced

(Coming soon)



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