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Welcome to Narrative’s blog! Narrative is a Swedish startup that’s creating a unique and simple-to-use Lifelogging Platform (the Narrative camera + online service + apps). This blog is about all that’s connected to the world of Lifelogging: wearable tech, research in various fields such as memory and sociology, future trends like Big Data and Quantified Self, as well as the people behind this whole “movement”.

Table of contents:


  • This Week In Lifelogging: Follow our weekly recap of the most exciting news about lifelogging
  • Narrative’s Friends: Get a bigger perspective from these guest posts and interviews from other stars in the Lifelogging arena
  • Lifelogging Stories: Take part in personal lifelogging experiences from people of all walks of life or read reflections, articles etc on specific aspects of lifelogging.


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Right from the start we’ve been met with overwhelming response to our product, both positive and inquisitive. We love that our idea and products provoke so many interesting thoughts and questions, and we welcome you to take part in the ongoing conversation. Why don’t you start right away by leaving a comment on a blog post? The other ways to easily get in touch with us and the Narrative community are:

The Narrative Support Center + Forums: Whether you have direct support questions for us, or you want to leave feedback and suggestions on our product development, you can find simple contact forms and interactive forums here. You can even vote and comment on ideas from other community members!

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