Narrative Announces an Open API to Enable Customized Wearable Cameras

The company that brought you the world’s most wearable camera now announce its Open Platform to offer developers a way to create custom applications for new use cases in wearable technology

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – January 28, 2016Narrative, the company behind the wearable camera Narrative Clip 2, today announces that it is introducing the Narrative Open Platform, a place where developers can get access to the company’s open API. By opening up its award-winning technology, Narrative creates a platform that enable any possible use case of wearable cameras.

“The applications we have built for the Narrative Clip are all tailor-made to fit an everyday use case, and that will continue to be our focus”, says Martin Kallstrom, CEO of Narrative. “But with the Open Platform, anyone who wants to use the Narrative Clip specifically as a pet cam, or a lifelogger cam or a mounted dash cam, can build their custom-made applications for that.

With a large existing user community rooted in the data-driven quantified self movement, Narrative has seen requests for an open API since its inception in 2012. The first generation Narrative Clip has also been widely appreciated in the academic world for its enabling of new ways to track behaviors and analyze first-person experiences. The new move of allowing users, academians and professionals to access Narrative’s API is a way to give back to these early adopters.

The new Narrative Open Platform consists of:

  • authorized third party applications – anyone can use Narrative’s data to accelerate future generations of services and devices
  • the Narrative Clip 2 device itself – with photo and video capabilities to effortlessly capture all of life’s moments
  • Narrative’s Uploader API – authorized apps or supported devices can connect to upload photos and video from any source or camera
  • examples of applications that can be built on the Open Platform, such as an Apple TV app and a web interface for editing users’ photos, kickstarting makers in their usage of the Open Platform.
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Coming additions to the Open Platform includes:

  • Narrative’s Bluetooth SDK – allowing Bluetooth enabled devices and smartphone applications to become remote controls and viewfinders for the Clip 2
  • Narrative App – user interaction can prompt photos to be sent to integrated services or photo album providers
  • Narrative Embed – where users go to find documentation on widgets they can embed in their blogs, websites, and Facebook pages

To get a first look at Narrative’s Open Platform, visit

About Narrative

Narrative is a Swedish company with a vision of giving everyone the ability to capture and share moments that matter. Narrative is an innovative market leader in wearable cameras and intelligent photo analysis that has created the world’s most wearable camera. Narrative’s image analysis service analyzes the photos and data and serves the user with her most meaningful and memorable moments in a mobile app photo and video stream. For more information on Narrative and Clip 2, please visit