The History of Wearables (Infographic)

Wearables are everywhere

It seems like overnight people started wearing fitness trackers and lifeloggers like the Narrative Clip everywhere. But the truth is that the road to an age where everyone totes technology everywhere took decades.

The first wearable

The first digital wearable device was the Hamilton Pulsar Watch. Released in 1972, this was a simple and bulky digital watch that displayed the time in bright red numbers. It didn’t even show the time constantly – you had to hold the button down in order to know whether you were late for work or not. Despite this limitation, they released a model that included a wrist calculator shortly afterward. It was also a favorite watch of U.S. President Gerald Ford.

Throughout the next several years, companies released several high tech devices that could be worn. Most were flops. It has only been in the last few years that people started using devices that track their steps, monitor their travels, and visually record everything they do in life.

Want to learn more? This infographic from Wearable Zone tracks the journey of wearables from the ‘70s all the way to 2016. One thing is certain about wearable technology: it’s just getting started.