Top 10 Romantic Getaways for Couples in 2016

What is better than traveling to amazing places? Traveling to amazing places with your loved one! Here are some destinations that are a bit extra romantic that we recommend for couples:

Watch the Sunrise Over the Bagan Temples Together in Myanmar, Burma

Jdombs-Travels-Bagan-2Via Luxe Adventure Traveler

Step out on the Balcony where Shakespeare’s Romeo Declared His Love for Juliet in Verona, Italy 

romeo_juliet-435231Via Express

Go on an Adventure on a Heart Shaped Island Together on Galesnjak Island, Croatia 

Heart_shaped_galesnjak_island_2Via World Top Top

Fall Deep in Love Under the Magical Northern Lights in Abisko National Park, Sweden

NorthernLightsVia World of Wanderlust

Dance Salsa Together in Havana, Cuba

habana-sign_2Via The Spin-Off Project

Cook a Romantic French Dinner Together in Paris, France

cookingClassVia DC Rainmaker

Place a Love-Lock on the Bridge in Mount Huang, China

Mount_Huang_China_love_locksVia 10 Most Today

Take a Walk with Your Sweetheart Across the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

LoveTunnelUkraineVia Popsugar

Let Go of a Floating Lantern at the Yi Peng festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand 

LanternFestivalVia Alex in Wanderland

Spend a Romantic Night on a Deserted Island at The Togean Islands, Indonesia

DesertedIslandVia Elena’s Travelgram


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Do you have a favorite romantic destination that we didn’t mention? Comment below!