Festival Moments

Summer is finally here, and with summer comes festival season! The festival experience is so much more than the performing acts you are viewing; it is also the experience you get from hanging out for a whole weekend with your friends, and the new people you meet. It is the festival food, the fun and games, and that awesome festival vibe that happens when so many people gather in one place dedicated to share new experiences and good times.

When using the Narrative Clip, you can get yourself lost in the awesome festival experience without worrying that it will be all be a distant memory when you get home to everyday life again. Just attach the Narrative Clip somewhere on your festival outfit, and let the clip take care of the memories for you! When you get home you’ll most likely be surprised over some of the fun moments that you missed at the festival, but that was caught by the Narrative Clip!

We know that our users are quite the traveling bunch. When we dug into the public moments of our Narrative Clip users from the past year, we found some really great serendipity shots from the festival year that passed. It seems we have quite wild and festival-loving Narrative Clip photographers among our users; below you’ll see pictures snapped by Narrative Clips used at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, and from the Stanbic Misty Jazz Festival in Zambia.


When You are in The Zone

The Narrative Clip is great for those times during performances when you are way too into the music and the crowd to be thinking of pulling out your smartphone or other handheld camera. Check out the images below to see what we mean:

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Tip: Clip your Narrative Clip somewhere on your outfit that is not in your usual eye-level, for example on your backpack shoulder-strap, your belt, your bracelet, or on the back of your hat. When you upload your photos to your Narrative Cloud storage space, you will be surprised by the interesting and fun moments that happened around you while you were watching the performing act caught by your Narrative Clip.


Catch the Vibe

There is a difference between going to a regular concert and going to a festival. When you come back home from a festival, the main thing you remember is often the vibe, not only the vibe during the performing acts but the vibe that you find all over the festival grounds and the camp-site. We found some Narrative Clip users who got some really nice photos with the Narrative Clip describing those fleeting festival moments that happens during the ongoing festival:

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Authentic Fan Photos

With the Narrative Clip strategically placed, you are very likely to catch some nice photos of your favorite performing artists as well. Just look at these awesome Narrative Clip photos that users got to bring back home from this year’s South by Southwest festival:

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Among Good Friends

Last but not least, there always comes the fun part after the festival when you are uploading and tagging your old and new friends that hung out with you at the festival. For you, the best captured moments might be a fun candid photo of you and your friend hanging out and talking in the food area, or your group of friends jumping up and down to the live music, or maybe even an awesome photo of yourself walking the festival grounds with your Narrative Clip on:

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Header Image Credit: eufest