13 Problems Only New Parents Will Understand

Being a new parent is a very exciting yet scary thing. It’s amazing to think you have the opportunity to raise life and bestow all your wisdom; however, the lack of sleep might get to you. Regardless it is certainly a very interesting point in your life and the life of your child. I think we can all relate to many situations on this list. Enjoy!

1) What you look like trying to make your baby laugh.


2) When you realize your child is just like you.


3) When your kid tries to speak for the first time…


4) Baby duty at night is like…


5) When your child finally leaves home for college, you’re like…


6) When you have to change your first diaper.


7) Tantrums…


8) Paying for your kid(s) to go to school.


9) When you finally get your kid to sleep… you’re like…

sleep flip

10) Faking being interested in your kids’ favorite things.

23 Problems Only Parents Will Understand

11) When your child refuses to get dressed.

Child fighting parent

12) When your child asks for help with homework.

Chris Farley Scared

13) Trying to get them to sit still for a photo.

Honey Boo Boo Dancing

Main image via: lovesacorangecounty.wordpress.com

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