Rediscover love: 3 short stories to inspire your next travel narrative

Rediscover love: 3 short stories to inspire your next travel narrative

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a season of showing love and perhaps, reigniting that love in you. So whether you’ve found your other half, or still single and ready to mingle, here are 3 short stories to encourage you to hop onto the next plane and hopefully grant you some inspiration / prevent you from stepping into certain travel pitfalls.

1. A creative re-boot, together

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All of us need a creative re-boot at some point in time. And many find it in the comforts and discomforts of traveling. The same goes for this couple (picture above), who handed in their resignation letters as mid-career professionals in exchange of converting their dreams of long-term travel into a reality, together. While this seems to be all picture-perfect and a dream many would raise their hands and volunteer to embark on if given a chance to, Audrey and Daniel learnt and shared through the many struggles they had on this journey. One of these struggles was managing their expectations and having to ditch what they called the “perfection narrative” of their relationship – the ideal that marriages are supposed to be easy, when in fact they are full of bumps. However, as they realised, that hard work put in as you inch toward shared goals was especially freeing. And travel helps. One of their greatest tips for traveling couples is this: that sometimes it helps to withdraw to their inner selves to maintain a level of independence and reflection and allowing and respecting this need is especially important when one or both partners happens to be an introvert. This is where the ability to create mental space, even in shared (and small) physical space, can be a relationship-saver. In doing so, they are creating the circumstances they need to reflect and regenerate for the next adventure.

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2. Throw that mobile phone obsession aside

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The mobile phone obsession is real and unfortunately, depressing too. Watch this video to get a sense of just how depressing it can be. Not only does it kill your social interactions, missing out on the rare sights that you’ve traveled the miles for can be another adverse effect of being glued to your mobile phone. Here’s one example caught on camera by photographer Eric Smith, as this unidentified man missed the amazing sight of the breaching humpback whale. Although Eric posted this photo on Instagram for fun with the caption “A sign of the times”, he received somewhat negative feedback that he’s not any different from the man in the picture since Eric himself is glued behind the camera lens. There’s some sort of tech-obsession-ception going on there, perhaps. Whatever it is, here’s a friendly reminder from us that if all else regarding this is controversial, you can still count on wearable tech to enjoy the present moments (; Time to get away from that computer screen and gather some amazing travel stories yourself!

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3. Have a little fun in the ordinary!

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The next time you receive an auto-generated reply from a service provider, or actually think you received an auto-generated reply, why not try your hands on the following and have a little fun in the ordinary? One hotel guest by the name of Sarah Kovacs Grzywacz was on her usual business trip when she decided to send in an absurd request to the hotel’s SMS concierge service. She requested for a framed picture of Nicholas Cage in the film Con Air, and received a reply quickly from the concierge saying that it would be their pleasure to assist her. Thinking that it was yet another auto-generated reply, Sarah didn’t think much of it and went about her day. To her surprise, she returned to the hotel room in the evening to find that her exact request had been fulfilled. Subsequently, she made two further requests for framed pictures of Nicholas Cage in two other films and the hotel realised these requests too. Speak about going out of the way for customer service!

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PS. If you’re looking for something even more extraordinary, consider renting this igloo on Airbnb for 10 bucks before the snow melts away!

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