10 unusual ways to deviate from your typical travel narrative

10 unusual ways to deviate from your typical travel narrative

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Winter is coming to an end and perhaps you’re thinking of ways to spend your Spring break or Summer holidays. No more hiding in the warmth of your homes away from the snow and bitter cold out there! Here are 10 unusual ways you could deviate from your typical travel narrative.

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1. Take a Dronie!

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Forget selfies, embrace Dronies. Perhaps it’s because certain places like the museums are starting to ban selfie sticks. Well, whatever the reason for birthing the age of Dronies, one thing’s for sure – this switch comes at a much higher price. $1000 for a quadcopter instead of $30 for a selfie stick.

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2. Visit the owl bar

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Say hello to cocktails and owls in the heart of Soho, central London. Cat cafes are no longer the go-to for animal lovers. Instead, come March, a new collaboration between Locappy and the Barn Owl Centre of Gloucestershire is bringing about a new initiative known as Annie the Owl. Annie the Owl is a pop up bar open for quality owl time from 19-25 March and all profits will go towards the sanctuary for further conservation efforts. Support them now!

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3. Be served by a robot

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With the evolution of robots that are becoming more human-like, one particular hotel in Japan is taking chances with having robots as their service staff. These robots are able to greet, carry luggage to the rooms, make coffee and smile their brightest without ever being exhausted by these tasks.

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4. Try a Napcab

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Napcabs are your newest capsule hotels located at where you need them most for a power nap or an overnight layover. Try them out today for 10-30 Euros at Munich Airport Terminal 2!

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5. Try First Class on Qantas

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In flight entertainment service is just about to get better! For the lucky ones who are going to board as Qantas First Class passengers, good news for you. In partnership with Samsung Electronics Australia, Qantas will trial VR headsets for its First Class passengers, allowing them to watch 3D movies in a 360-degree interactive format.

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6. Get lost in a mysterious forest

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Here are some of the most mysterious forests to get lost in. From the moss swarm in Romania to the above in Italy, there’s surely one that especially appeals to you. Take your pick!

7. Get fit – chase the winter dormancy away

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And if you wouldn’t have a chance to tour Europe and visit the forests mentioned above, how about getting close to nature while exercising? Time to shed those winter fats, so here are 15 best Spring marathons in the U.S. and 6 unusual detox destinations for you to choose from!

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8.  Visit the Oscars film locations

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The 2015 Oscars was just a few days ago. Still reeling in from the glitz and glitter? How about traveling to the Oscars film locations – take a trip to Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, where The Imitation Game was filmed or head to Görlitz, Germany where The Grand Budapest Hotel was located!

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9. Go for a festival

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What better way to usher in the end of a long winter than going for some of the craziest festivals around the world? It’s time to throw off the coats and boots, and just have a little fun under the sun! Go for the Holi Color Festival in India or witness the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in the U.S. if you need to add some colours after the white winter.

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10. Embrace the beauty of Spring

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Spring is nearing! Here are 7 places to see spring flowers in their millions or if you simply love Japan and its scenery adorned by flowers, here’s a useful guide for you to plan your travels according to the types of flowers you can see across the year in Japan.

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