Memoto’s Wearable, Automatic Camera Crushes Kickstarter Goal, Raising Half a Million Dollars

Innovative, lifelogging camera reaches $500,000 funding on Kickstarter, passing two stretch goals and earning a range of new product enhancements. The Memoto team now shares the secret of their success on their blog.

Linkoping, Sweden (November 27, 2012) – With the help of a supportive and enthusiastic Kickstarter community, Memoto has turned its vision of giving everyone a true photographic memory into a reality. After reaching its Kickstarter goal in just 5 hours, Memoto continued to rally support around the fresh idea of creating a searchable, shareable memory, ultimately surpassing two stretch goals and reaching a half million dollars in funding, 10 times the original goal. With just a few days to go, Memoto is now aiming for a third stretch goal that will offer an assortment of useful new features.

“Of course, you always dream that your product will have an impact like this, but we were blown away that we received so much support from the community in such a short time frame,” said Martin Källström, CEO of Memoto. “This device represents a turning point in how we remember and share special moments in our lives. It’s great that so many share our vision.”

At about the size of a postage stamp, the Memoto camera is an intelligent micro-device that captures every moment of your life in photo keyframes. These spontaneous shots can be effortlessly searched, shared and revisited at any time using Memoto’s innovative web service and mobile application. The camera connects to your clothing with a small stainless steel metal clip, subtly capturing every special moment of your life as it’s happening — before you even realize how special it is.

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After listening to the feedback and comments of the Kickstarter community, the Memoto team developed a range of different product enhancements available if its stretch goals were met. Having successfully met its first two goals, the new features that will be integrated into the final product including the ability to choose what time interval the photos are taken from the Memoto application, the ability to bookmark specific photos by quickly tapping the camera after a special moment making it’s easy to later find the photo, and the option to retain photos stored locally when syncing with the computer as well as uploading them to the cloud. The third stretch goal, which Memoto hopes to achieve in the next couple days, is the creation of a wide-angle camera lens, a waterproof case and a Wi- Fi dock.

“We are so grateful to the Kickstarter community and inspired by their engagement with the Memoto project,” said Martin Källström, CEO of Memoto. “We’ve listened carefully to their ideas and incorporated much of their input into product enhancements. We’re confident that the end result will be one aligned with the desires of the community and what we ourselves wanted to achieve with Memoto.”

The Memoto team includes Sweden’s most innovative and experienced entrepreneurs, its foremost camera electronics engineer, and industrial designer who joined forces more than one year ago to pursue this vision. The team spent countless hours planning and preparing for the launch of the Memoto camera and has been thrilled by its reception in countries around the world. The Memoto camera was a popular news topic from the US to China, creating a new conversation about mainstream lifelogging. You can find a full description of the key successes of the launch on the Memoto blog.

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The Memoto team has been exploring the area of lifelogging for the past year, traveling the world interviewing lifeloggers, entrepreneurs, scientists and thought-leaders. This allowed the team to incorporate the most crucial elements into the Memoto camera. The Memoto team also recently released the trailer for the documentary that they produced during their journey. You can find it here.

Estimated availability for the Memoto camera is early 2013. The unit will be offered in Graphite grey, Arctic white and Memoto orange colors for $279. For the last two days on Kickstarter, Memoto will be offering the camera at the discounted price of $249.

About Memoto

Memoto is a Swedish startup with a vision of giving everyone a true photographic memory. As an innovator in the field of lifelogging, Memoto develops products and technologies that offer its users a way to capture and share every special moment of their lives.